Alshabaab bride was a Shiny Eye

According to the daily Nation Alshabaab bride Violet Kemunto Omwoyo was a shiny eye. She used the alias Violet Kemunto to confuse people where she stayed. Her real name was Violet Wanjiru.

Tafakari hayo

ghasiiiiaaarrrrr your point? shiny eye or not shida ni ati ni mkenya.

Nope she’s a Kisii
I won’t say much at this point

Leta hekaya

It will jeopardise the ongoing investigations.

Her late dad was kalenjin, her mom kisii

People are acting as if this is the first time a Kenyan has taken part in these acts. I think it only becomes immoral when people of a certain tribe are radicalized.

sweetie wawache,simu ilikuwa poa?


Funny thing is, it might turn out none was a Kyuk. As it is, gichunge is a meru borana (dad) and Nubian ( mom_Majengo). It also turned out they had stolen Eric kinyajui id. As for the 2 taxi drivers, I don’t know how one is supposed to vet client. A lot of effort is being put to make this a kikuyu thing for some reason. No mention of the fact that one was apparently from western and the rest somali

Nani ako na nudes zake?

Not yet but I took it to the fundi this evening. Will collect on Monday. Thanks for asking.

Huyo ni pointi ya kisii na kalenjin