alshaababes wanapiga java cold war

plans are underway to drive java out of business for the walalo to establish their own restaurants in the buildings


Maumbwa just because a fool called mohhamed told them so yet they touch shit daily with bare hands

Upuss pork ni tamu si waende hizo restaurants zao

Muhammad alifuck Aisha akiwa 6 years old, na iyo si tabia halal. Uislamu yenyewe si halal, ni Catholicism yenye imepigwa mseto na Judaism. Washienzi tu!

Do you know even bible prohibited eating pork? Let us respect other people’s believes

You wanted Aisha to be married at what age? Who set the level age of marriage? If you are told mango tree mature for ten years, so even if ones of mangoes ripe you will not eat until to reach ten years?

The religion of peace is a scam. Mohamed issa piece of shit.

Java ni ya bazungu,haiendi popote. Wajaribu ile ya muganda,CJs

Ungenyamaza hatungejua wewe ni mjinga kiasi gani.

Competition is good. Wariahes are really investing in the food business. Wameshiba paradiso. On to the next one.

Meanwhile African bantu @Ndindu is still wailing about poverty in Nairobi.

Kenyan Indians also own many of the hotels and restaurants nowadays. Hadi ile brew bistro ya akina Hezekiah @Sambamba Kaniaru.

Wewe wachana na watoto wacheze

Islam is light and the only true religion in front of God and whoever take religion other than islam it will not be accepted from them and hell will be their permanent abode.

The phone you are using to type, was it made by Islam

Hamli nguruwe sababu mnafuga majini.

Chukua Quran, lube it up halafu jiskumie kwa mcoosh. Kenya is a majority Christian country, mpende msipende.

Islam is darkness and Allah is satan. Sorry if that offends you but it’s the truth. Please come out of that evil religion and seek Jesus Christ who is God. You say that you believe in the words of Jesus, don’t you? Well, Jesus said I am the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except by me. Jesus was not a “prophet of Allah” but God Himself! Why do you call Jesus a prophet?

[SIZE=7]kenya is an african country , religion is persono ![/SIZE]

alafu your major religions were created the other day[/SIZE][SIZE=5] [/SIZE]


umeitwa a piece of shit by @Gaza for enabling molester

We muslims don’t take pride in these worldly things, we have ruled the world for more than 1300 years but we don’t see it as a big thing, the true permanent home of believers is in the hereafter . Although they were weak and powerless the first muslims conquered and defeated two big superpowers at the same time because of their belief in the Oneness of Allah, their knowledge of Him, their love for Him and their reliance on Him are what purified their souls, honed their ambitions and gave them a sense of pride and power; that enabled them to establish truth and justice, and motivated them to conquer lands and rule nation.