Alred mutua officially mgtow

Tufuge leso[ATTACH=full]380165[/ATTACH]

Tafadhali, when you guys post something in vernacular language care translate. We all can’t understand your birth right tongue accolades

Pole mzee . translation :
The wife of machakos county governer has told machakos residents she is no longer their first lady but will concentrate on self love.


1… He won’t be the first…

2…How many of these mutua posts are we going to have?

Hapa it’s a few things either mschana amechoka na gafana kuletea yeye u.t.i kwa nyumba , anataka alfa mail azalishe yeye juu odometer na miaka imesonga ama kuna a better prospect amepata kureplace mheshimiwa. Najua Juliani ndio ana dfhkmbl hii wall chaser.



This is the official one since am the ktalk correspondent on the ground.

Alar! @BADASS Explain how Juliani aliacha kusimama maovu yakitawala akajipata Machakos county First Mpango Wa Kando.

Si maovu haya?

My grandma warned me about yellow yellows from the mountain, they will do anything for cash and still do anything to satisfy their hole.

Ule Juliani moja, ule rapper? Ule wa Brenda?? Goddamn, skinny niggas carry the day once again

Mutua ni katombi kabsaa , akitarmack barabara at mayakos county at the end of that road lazima atombe muanamuke aweke ball ,like the makutano mwala road I heard ako na watoto wawili copyright at both ends ,at end of masinga road alizalisha mapacha :Dits just a matter of a fon call and machakos county gets a new first lady

Hon. Dr. Ulium ate this thing. From the time a camera man captured them admiring each other, she went MIA.[ATTACH=full]380199[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]380200[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]380201[/ATTACH]

Labda gafana alichoka kukamuliwa pesa.

These jigger eating women will eat your money faster than they eat a mt. Kenya jigger!

Given mutua is a known crazy womanizer only comparable to the late Paul Ngei, we are talking dozens of young ladies per week when he is out of town. This guy can’t keep a wife… Lilian obviously stayed for the title but it must have been very humiliating to hear the stories week after week

Me too. Me too bro. Vau nikivie ngwatilo

lilian nganga is pretty but she is dark-skinned as fuck… not what you would want to call yellow yellow

No she’s not that dark. She’s brownish to be exact