Alpha talker Leonardo DiCaprio


dame aki-clock 25 she is basically a fossil.

I’m in my mid-20s and most of my agemates seamlessly fit in the milf category… a 35 year old woman is an old woman . nature is not kind to this gender

Nimesoma hii story in British online newspapers and post wall women are furious :D:D Inawauma saidii. Some are even calling him the P word yet he has never publicly dated an underage woman. Feelings galore huko.

Nothing angers older women like seeing an old rich man enjoying his life with a young, legal, beautiful woman. It reminds them of their own shortcomings i.e they are not good enough for multimillionaire celebs.

Many dont know know that Gisele is actually wealthier than Dicaprio and married to Tom Brady. Blake is married to Ryan Reynolds. So, some of them actually proceed to succeed in life after dating him. Remember huko Hollywood ni kusalimiana and everybody is everybody’s ex.

continue focusing on yourself, mimi niko 29 and life is just getting better, get a hobby kama wewe ni daredevil get a bike…then thank me later.

It’s funny because they forget he’s with them because they’re young and hot, like those girls are with him because he’s rich/famous/charismatic. Inawawasha because DiCaprio can’t go for those 30 year olds. Wanamuita pedo but if he messaged any of them wanachukua one way ticket kwake

Madem wanafaa kuwa na ile tag ya USE BY or BEST BEFORE 25…enyewe old women can be bitter

Next he should aim lower achukue akiwa 18 years for the next 7 years. Watch old feminist women screaming at the top of their lungs calling him the P word yet 18 is legal :smiley:

these statements will still not obscure your pedophilic tendencies elders

always…kuna gaidi pale mukuru kwa zukabaga ilishoot shot juu aliona mimi ni biker and after screwing namwambia a 25yr old ni mzee sana kwangu sasa akashika moto…

you are in the wrong forum grandma…

Very old in deed…in fact siku hizi ni make up zinawasaidia Sana… mimi nikiwa campo niliona vile madem huzeeka vibaya…imagine wale half of the first years tuliiangia nao walikuwa wanakaa wamathe by the time we graduated especially wenye walikuwa washazaa na wale wa abortions na tusisahau wa kukula chips mwitu hence the popular proverb “KUKATIA DEM AKO FORTH YEAR NI KAMA KUNUNUA GAZETI JIONI”

The only difference niliona kwa maboy ni ndevu zilikuwa zimemea

ur wrong grandma’s here noting your harmful activity

senile old fool. wewe cucu kibogoyo nitakunyorosha hadi utahiri tabia zako!

Nothing will save you from your wrong choices you went to learn but instead all u earned was negativity towards women

oh the poopy demons are awakened. Try to breath

time yenu iliisha wacha sasa tukule your soft meat counterparts:D:D

no one is stopping you but you are not going to promote harmful activities to me

Seethe. Get enraged.