Alpha males kujeni

Last friday i brought a virgin to my apartment.She is a kao n kiuk halfcast, so you can guess what we are talking about here. She never stayed for the night and i couldnt get the slices.She is into me for sure but mentioning anythng naughty seems to turn her off. I want the slices asap and keep her as well…should i plan for a rematch or take it slow

Virgins tuliachia martyr’s

The feeling aint mutual you want slices she wants commitment you aint gonna get that asap iyo lazima utangoja
but you can start working on it …saa hii ungekuwa umeshatuma bouquet


Ni tomboy

There’s an alpha male already hitting that thing. You’re a finance consultant and accounts clerk. Get used to it.

Point 5 kizee.
Don’t mess.

Hehe your sinking the niggas hut

What is your understanding of half cast?

The alpha male in me cannot allow a girl to walk in my man cave na atoke bure so i cant relate.

Since you mentioned virgin skia this jam

Applies for races not tribes in my book.
*also archaic and derogatory

So she’s a kiukamba?
([SIZE=2]Old joke, repeating it for the slow ones like Mbomb)[/SIZE]

Ilisemekana mkamba akikunyima Ikus labda hajasikia unaomba nene

by any chance hiyo kunguru ni student UoN, huvaa specs na inatoka kitengela?:smiley:

Nunua spanish gold fly

Yani the only halftribe virgin you know is UON and lives in kitengela .LMAO

leta namba

:D:D:Dkuna kunguru fitting that description nilideflower sato…drinking or rather, thirsting- in your case- from the same pot is highly likely, dunia ni ndogo my fren

The naughty thing doesn’t turn her off, its not your turn to eat! :D. Every woman has a time frame which she keeps her man waiting some its a few hours/dates/days/weeks/months … The most important thing is you are making progress, she did agree to spend the night at your place that must count as trust developed and you are making progress.

Remember this Son! for the most part ‘‘Men want sex first so that we feel safe to have an emotional connection later, Women want an emotional connection first so that they feel safe to have a sexual connection later’’ … She will come around just be patient, keep your cool.

CC @Bakayaro!