Alpha Males Huwa Hawakimbilii Kuoa


Watu wanakimbilia marriage sana sana ni maboyz wenye dry spell zao huwa zinalast miaka na miezi

Wanakimbia kuolewa?

Just say your financially and emotionally and cannot handle the joy and pain it comes with raising a family.I know your type very well

Only sub-meta males can’t see the benefits of marrying while you are on your way up. When you reach the top and you are not married better stay that way for you will never get true love but puccy used as usury. A mbirrionaire buddy found a tied condom in his fridge in the morning, a slayqueen had harvested his seed for onward insemination. That is what you get at the top of the food chain, akina Betty Kyallo na Lilian Multi, useless Shylocks peddling their pussy for your pound of flesh

Alpha male apana tambua marriage, sisi Ni pump and dump then repeat the cycle

very wise

Nilikwambia wewe sio alpha male, sahau kabisa, you are on the same class as m2random… meffi males

Niaje kababa?