Alpha male


How is hitting a woman Alpha ?? Infact he is beta * 10^10000.

Si naskia Alpha arent cheated on ??

Hii ni ile sampuli ya “babe, this guy keeps sending me messages and I’ve already told him I’m married”. Kula yeye kofi akumbuke anaeza activate block function kwa WhatsApp.

Kupiga mwanamke sio suluhu

Only weak men hit women.

huyo sio alpha,that is a simp suffering from ‘the one’.

an alpha got an abundance of females,that if huyo anaanza story sijui messages,he diverts all his energy,attention and everything to other time to slap someone.

You can see he is being told,ok i am a slut but stop sending me messages,the guy starts a war,he has no other options.

Huyo simp ni takataka,komodo shenzi,mbona anatwanga ‘slut’,yeye ni ibilisi,ukiachwa achika

I agree

Ni temporary insanity banae!
Hio uchungu yote ya kufanyia mtu harusi ya mamillioni, kulipa dowry, kuwachilia fwb’s.

I felt those slaps. Ndume hapaswi kupiga mwanamke.

Huyo jamaa haogopi anaeza umiza ama ata a kill huyo mdame. Just sad.

A woman never respects you by hitting her or by being mascular or by having a beard or deep voice or having money/being rich
The only way a woman respects you as a man is by showing her you have options in getting other women or you can replace her easily.

Kofi mbili tatu once in a while apana mbaya …but when it comes to cheating just throw her out kama ni girlfriend, kama ni bibi ripoti yeye kwa wazee wa kwao…

Nothing alpha about that. That’s a beta heavily drenched in oneitis

That is some lame shiet, unless she hit him or was physical with him this is not justified. sasa ukichapa na ashapeana. what next.

Pimp hand is strong on this one

In that part of the world, violence si kitu kubwa

kush yule mnono niaje

:D:D:D:DKunguru hafugiki

You didn’t get the gist of the video. The guy is probably her mans and was forcing her to record herself akitangaza hataki mafisi kwa DM

the gist is,in her mind she already replaced that guy.nothing he is saving,he better invests that energy elsewhere.