Alpha male Sadio Mané hataki kuoa kunguru - the woman shouldn't be on social media & should respect God


That woman is not yet born:D

Alpha male

MGTOW=FREEDOM… injili imetembea kutembea, Embobut Forest Navy seals tuko ngangari.

Feminist watampa matope ajiundie wake.

A woman on social media is almost wholly there for gratification and to market herself. All it takes is a DM and she’s spreading her legs faster than quicksilver.

With his kind of fame and money, that’s quite a fete. Salo ya 100k pm pekee is enough to change local alter boys to promiscuous vampires.

mbirionea staunch muisilamu who does not partake in alcohol kama mane at his age na expect akuwe na bibi kama watatu na 25 kids . so there is something wrong he might be a homo like @Bingwa Scrotum

This young man has a very high level of discipline both at work and generally in life

Serious money changes humans but dude is disciplined mbaya

African EPL stars wanaoa wazungu huyu ako na kasoro

Yeye ako sawa. Ni hao wengine ndio wako na kasoro