Alpha Male in action



So that nigga got coochie for less than $25.

mimi kwanza before dem akunywe pesa yangu lazima nijue kama nakamua either by expression, assumption or overtly then b4 alewe chakari a dispute contract tunaenda kwa lodgo . then kuma mupya sikunywi kulewa kidogo tu ndio nifikishe threshold and return on my investment

$25 ≡ ksh 150

$25 = 2500kshs

That’s not an equal sign brother…but a mathematics symbol denoting equivalence.
In the USA $25 unapata pusseh but in Kenya all you need is 150 bob.

Scripted chieths

R u slow or something

didn’t double check. it’s not an exam or contract for God’s sake

Batista hao watu wamekuwai Power Bomb / Batista Bomb? @Yuletapeli ni tapeli, alikuwa amekutega

Mimi hata time ya “assumption or overtly” sina. Kule kwa apps I never even meet them, let alone buy drinks, unless I have it in writing that slices napewa. This policy has led to a drastic decrease of dates I score but conversion rate iko yuu.

He’s not keen to details hivi ndio anapoteza mbirrions kwa muosho mmoja tu.

Batista the beast ameshika nare:D:D:D:D