Alpha male heavyweight Notapeoplesguy niko na swali

Why in the hell does a single man involve himself with a single mother. Like seriously it baffles me, what moves a man to be involved with some other niggas child.

Is it not a basic male instinct to want fresh stuff, mimi i even have second thoughts of non virgin women. To even imagine some men willingly involve themselves with women that have children, the fuck?!

Shika ii kdf uwe unatafuna… Wako njiani

Mothers need love too
"Gari ni engine! . " exclaimed lichoti as he took home a humongous mother of three boys as his wife

Ok for me, lemme be honest with you. The only reason i vibe some single mothers of 1 child is cuz single mothers make the easiest chics to bone.

We call them 'low-hanging-fruit" easy to pick. In most cases wako na insecurities coz they know men dont like single mothers. So that biaatch tries harder to impress me in bed. She’ll catch nut, do it all in hopes of laying a good boyfriend/husband …Ofcourse i dissapear soon after.

Pwahahahahahaha 3 boys uwasomeshe then later in 20 yearz wakuhande war mbaaaaiya. “You not even my daddy” manenos

@uwesmake knows all too well :D:D