Alpha Male / Beta Male argument

This argument about alphas and betas has been on this village for some time. I dont subscribe to this line of throught. In my opinion, what we have are varying levels of masculinity in the men. Men on the extreme end of the masculinity scale are termed as alphas and others are termed all those derogatory terms you can think off:D:D

Lets look at what the masculine spirit is composed of. Masculinity is majorly composed of being direct, assertive, making decisions and being firm in oneself. Femininity on the other hand is majorly composed of being receptive , passive and being nurturing. At times a masculine element can be nurturing or receptive but the dominant traits should be the maculines one and vice versa when the feminine side is in the light.

Lets look at these traits in deep. A man is expected to be assertive in the sense that they know what they want and take the necessary steps to achieve what they want despite the objectives. The part “what they want” boils down to a man’s life purpose. What is your life purpose as a man? A man who knows what they want a life will be assertive because they have to get it. A direct man is one who is clear about what he wants. Making decisions is a masculine trait that gains from knowing what you want. A man who knows what they want finds it easier to make decisions or how to compose themselves when seeking advice. Lastly, a masculine man stands firm in his environment and sense of self. He allows his sense of self to define him first then his environment second not the reverse. The end result is that he becomes firm in himself while allowing the environment to chip in to complement his sense of self. That explains why we look up to the old men in society because they are able to bring masculine traits and enforce them on us. We look up to our old men to make important decisions that have a lot of influence such as inheritance and ruracio. Some old men have purposes such as leaving legacies and as such make decisions by writing wills, are firm with what they want and also somehow direct about how it should be done/ provide guidelines.

Looking at the feminine spirit is it based on being receptive, that is receiving. That is why it is passive and nurturing. It takes what the masculine gives and forms itself around it. Thats why we say give a woman a house, she will give a home - showing a nurturing character. Since femininity is receptive, it makes women passive in nature since they wait to receive. Feminine energy does not intend to influence the environment but feel what they receive from it. Now you can understand terms such as “siffel hio vibe”, “sifell huyo mjamaa”.

These two traits become complementary, the maculine influence his environment, the feminine receive and judge this influence. The feminine gauges the assertiveness of the masculine and if satisfied wraps itself around it gaining the role of “supporter and helper of their mens dreams”. The feminine tests what it receives from their environment thus checking if the maculine is firm in their sense of itself or can be influenced easily by the environment. This roles may have been a bit eroded by modern aspects such as the masculinity crisis, feminism and other factors but they remain the root core of how the feminine and masculine spirits should deal with each other.

Back to alpha and beta:D:D. Sometimes kwa forum, we usually try to fix the wrong things by acting out instead of fixing the root cause, masculinity. Lets take a fews cases
Friendzone - A man who is not direct and assertive about he wants will have the feminine define what is going on between the two. An assertive men goes after what he wants and accepts consequence as they come - rejection or next step

Decision- making : A man who allows the feminine energy to take control and lead him to where he wants to go as opposed to providing direction in relation to dating.

Desperation : A man who is willing to put aside his life purpose for women except in the certain family situation is a desperate man. Your life purpose comes first then others follow. When you follow your purpose and become a masculine man, you become attractive. This makes you a prize to be fought for. This will weed out desperation because you will have standards, abundance mentality and the 'impress me ’ not “impressing others” mindset

Neediness: Neediness is allowing other people to define who you are ahead of defining who you are and considering people’s opinions second. This doesnt mean you be a dickhead but to be firm in one self without “needing” people to define your life. A man who needs a woman to bring meaning to your life is on the wrong foot. As said above, women are receptive and form around the masculine structure. Therefore, in essence you are bringing a woman to enjoy what you already have in life or are doing. Dont bring a woman to give meaning to your life. Have meaning then share it with the feminine. This explains why a man should have a life - hobbies etc

Active/ Action - Lets think about this - when men meet what do they do? They have action most of the time - trips, hike, play pool, swim, play football. What do women do when they meet - talk, go out and talk, meet then talk. Most dates revolve around talking - dinner, coffee, lunch meaning if this makes up majority of your dates, you are doing predominantly feminine things and as such becoming boring since feminine and feminine are not complementary. Remedy? Incorporate action dates to bring in masculinity - hiking, dancing, bowling etc so that masculine complements the feminine in the sense that they engage in “masculine activities”. This is what makes a man to be fun.

based on the above, you can see fixing the root cause, masculinity, will ease on the problems that most of us males have . I am not perfect sice its a journey but together we can do it.

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