Almost pu**y whipped

I saw this chiq in the club, she’s so beautiful I couldn’t believe my eyes.

After three beers I gathered the courage and moved to her table,tapped her on the shoulder and told her straight up that’ she very beautiful and all that maneno,she has such a pretty smile-she said thank you.Well that was easy.

Went back to my table,I couldn’t contain my lust,I decided to go back and asked her cousin if I can join them,the cousin asked my crush and they both agreed and laughed out loud.

Teke teke went to my table and carried my drinks to join them.We had good times, danced and flirted, but all along I was restricted in a way coz her brother was there who decided to tell me she’s married!! I hadn’t seen the ring any way,she did show me the ring later.i Wondered why she allowed me flirt with her and felt like a set up coz her family was somehow encouraging her.

Time ya kwenda home I asked for her number but there’s no way she’s giving me with her brother and all the other female cousins looking at her flirting with a stranger, who is making her weak in the knees,they all looked suspicious sasa bana!

Well I asked for her full names and told her some how I’ll get her, she helped me correct her name which I was trying type on my phone.

after afew days i started googling her and without effort got where she works,just a stone throw away from my office!!what are the Odds

I almost simped by calling her office,but something held me back.i thought of just walking into in her office severally but I held myself back.

After a while I got my senses back ni ka chorea!

liking a gal can make you act a fool mahn.I realized kumbe ni rahisi kua simp, lakini sasa the urge to reach out is on the roof

End of rant !

Nimeachia apo Elder. 98% ya madem kwa klabu wanauza,the other 2% ni barmids. Hope ulitumia Military grade condom!

Niko sure ulikuliwa 3k bila pucci. Meffi wewe

Ata siku purchase drinks nilikua maji deadly

:smiley: nili ona ni ka senior kwa corporate hapa upper Hill

Wewe walk hapo workplace, upate ni cleaner ama CEO alafu leta hekaya

Hao wa corporate ndio huuza kama njugu

Hii story ni @Useless Spectator haina msingi

Hata sketch ya hii jamani

But you’re about to. Think about it, beautiful women get hit on atleast 7 times a day. Of those, atleast 3 will definitely simp and spend. She doesn’t need to struggle much to pull in more if she’s beautiful

This is where the problem is with this so called MGTOW generation. Kwanini ulime na mbuzi? Face the girl/woman/lady head on and ask for her number. If you already spent more than 5 hours flirting, dancing and having all that fun, what was so hard in getting the digits?

@ mrs Fourth letter aliniambia every Man is a simp, it just takes the right woman

namba ungemtumia mpesa , ukifika kwa amount unajioa suguri unatuma soo , namba uko nayo mdau .

Hawa ndo the first sellers

Point of correction hawauzi! Wanapatiana bure

Rusha number ya wanne wanipee bure elder…

You aren’t deserving of the SS Himmler name.

@Himmler mdau hio pub Iko wapi.

As long as you sheath your sword!

The other weekend I met another in a club in Arusha… Ama watch tu!