Almost 6ft under.

Fikeni huku wakuu kwa mwarimo mfurahie.

Let me say it loud and clear…bitter old Mathaais if your (nyuks) nyukwa or mukaguo holds the gun to your head that you must read my post then…I can’t help but feel sorry for you old fugly wrinkled sod, repeating the same same thing ‘ta mutumia mukuru atete funguro’. You kept mentioning my old handle even in places that you should not such as here. Obsessive compulsion disorders ain’t my thing. MFW, MFW, MFW nkt. I know it takes long for some messages to sink thru some some brains esp when you hit 60. I am banishing you to room 101 where your fellow sick deranged character Fala 12 will welcome you. I am still the same person, just a handle change. So post rubbish but I won’t read.:cool:banishing your other handle too…ole wenu.

Quick reminder I am not in every post like you. 2nd reminder I have lived life so will always share my experiences upende usipende. You have no control over what I can write here. Nein. You also have no control over what I choose to read here and you sure aren’t one of them. Nein. You called me uneducated last time. Let me go and polish up the CV that you gave me. Your CV I mean hunh. It is the one I am using to get by.

MFW- Kindergarten Graduate.