Alleged Nepotism and Tribalism at KRA


  1. Section 7 of the National Cohesion and Integration Act states, “No public establishment shall have more than one-third of its staff from the same ethnic community.”

  2. Out of the 133 senior management positions, 50 are held by members of the Kikuyu community, translating to 37.59 per cent of that workforce. This hiring leaves the remaining 83 slots to be shared among the remaining 41 Kenyan tribes. Of the 83 slots, Luhyas are 19, Luos 16, Kamba 13, Kisii 9, Kalenjin 8, Meru 4, Embu 2, with Tharaka, Samburu, Maasai, Burji among others having one member each.

So let’s fire the kikuyus. Ama?

Are they serving all Kenyans bila kujali tribe? Io ndo muhimu.

Kisha waingie CBK

@sani the problem is that those are National resources that should be well shared. One man one vote one shilling one job.

Reality is that these positions are used to pursue personal enrichment and also facilitate favouritism in tax disputes in favour of tribal and corrupt businessmen whole destroying clean businesses.

Also look at recent ruling on how tribunals should be constituted by JSC not Politicians in Executive. If a serious ethnic audit is done at national and county level,there will be a massive uproar over illegalities and discrimination going on.

So what’s your point

Its this kind of thing that also makes .ke politic tribal

Hiyo The Star watatafutiwa deni kama Keroche sasa

Swafiii @Masood after kutoa hao wasapere wezi. Tufuate ile tax CBA NIC bank merger. Kulipa ushuru ni jukumu la kila mkenya.

The reality is that these ethnic hegemony over crucial departments in a parastatl are meant to ensure coordination of illegalities.
I once applied to work in a firm that supplied FMCG. CEO had said should be hired after interviewing me including a written exam. Logistics head of department refused. I didn’t think much of it.

Later CEO confessed that he had discovered the Logistics guys were stealing from the company so they didn’t want me because they had not brought me to the company. Department was disbanded and constituted afresh.

You have seen Indians who add ksh100 to each employees wages secretly so that you spy on colleagues and report to him.

Very effective strategy.

My dad used to work for KRA and during his time there were so many luhya, luos and people from the coast. It had a balance of all ethnic communities. That was 20 years ago. Before kibaki amplified tribalism in Kenya

I have kith and kin who work at KRA. Needless to say they are verified birrioneas but you can’t tell from the outside. There are so many avenues for making money, for example summoning rich people to your office to “discuss” their tax arrears and threats of what could happen if they fail to remit payment. Basically, you can’t have a conscience and work in some of these offices. Corruption is the order of the day.

Ruto akiingia itakuwa the same thing.