All that Glitters ...

All that Glitters is not Gold …

For all you Slay Queen lovers out there , …

Be prepared for this “Morning After” nightmare after a night out with one of these She-Devils …!!


i avoid anything that does make ups. kuna surprises i don’t like


Like the plague!

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Fisrt date…swimming…kama hajui kuswim lazima aingie shallow end na watoto…and the person who did her makeup should be arrested…and the lady too, for impersonation.


Italingana na game yake, Manzi ana kuandalia senye, ina overwrite everything else.
How she looks ni mambo ya Dinner mkiwa out last night, come morning over breakfast, the talk should be strictly about sex, vile game ilikuwa.
If anyone is still worried about looks in the morning, then, kuna shida mahali.

Imagine this hood slay the morning after …



una mbisha ya morning after?


Then you can spend the rest if your day scrubbing the makeup off your bedsheets and pillows …


Unataka …??

Good quality sex is nasty in it’s self. A room that people have fcuked properly should be uninhabitable, for anyone else apart from the culprits.
So, it goes without saying, that cleaning is part of it, n by the way, i haven’t came across a woman/women who sleep with their make-ups.


Hebu siku moja okota from Tahiti or Tribeca .,.


Where is this

2 Rivers Mall …
Mambo mazuri huko…!!

Naona lakini, i will pass.

Leta hekaya

Hii kitu iko sawa ni kuipiga randa ina nyooka

I look Hella fine with or without makeup, says my bf.

bora ako na matako kubwa na kuma mimi natomba


Be Very Careful what you wish for …

Herewith are 4 Examples of the deceptive power of Make-up …

See if you still feel the same after looking at the "Evidence " …

Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2:


Exhibit 3


Exhibit 4 :


They should all be charged with trying to obtain Good and Services by False Pretences …!!