ALL that Asss in the trunk Lol everlyneamkoa you be killin me


Izi hips ni za side effects za family planning

All good until itolewe kwa nguo

My eyes are stuck on her oversized shoes and now I can’t unsee it.

Still, that ass worth the struggle

Big asses look good when covered in clothing. When uncovered, my brother utajionea maajabu.

All is not lost. Ukimkunja propa, your hands and that azz are gonna be friends again

The assnis fine lakini atafute vyatu zinamtosha. Halafu there is something of with her tits. They too saggy.

ubaya ya watu wengine ni ku criticize online lakini wakipata offline wanapita nayo

Hawajui hivyo

Inaitwa junk in the trunk

This qualifies for my library… :wink:


Iko swafi, leta morepics elders waamue

kwani bibi yako yule redneck wa huko trumpland hana ass? Ama landwhale ananuka?

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Mali safi

You retard are trying hard to stay relevant. Keep sniffing your paint and waste time here… :stuck_out_tongue:

@ King Kin :

Boss , …
You Outdid Yourself there … :smiley:
Outstanding A*ss …


For all the Junk -in-the- Trunk Lovers …:D:D