I had a chat with my usual meat vendor yesterday. He revealed to me how they bring in donkey meat and dead cow meat at around 3 am when all fuckers are asleep. He usually brings in around 25kgs daily for his butchery. The meat is distributed to all butcheries in the area mostly by a probox. The meat comes in steak form since the skeleton would be easily identified as not belonging to a cow. How does the common mwananchi buy this meat then? The butcher a piece of the legit beef from the one hanged on the display and adds the illegal steak on those tables of theirs to top up to the right weight. Also 95% of all mutura sold is illegal meat since it would be hard to identify the meat in it. The secret to buy legit beef is to insist that only the meat in the display be served to you. Ask yourself, why would there be chopped steak on the table while all cow meat is skeletal?

wewe ndio juzi ulisema huwezi kula matunda?

And he revealed to you this dangerous secret on what grounds again, ndio ununue Kwa wingi au?

Guess for those who prefer beef might fall in for the trap than those who consume mutton ama namna gani frens?

We have been having this debate since the 1st donkey and zebra meat started hitting butcheries in 1990.

This is one of the major requirements for meat extraction from an animal… Hizi shortcuts for quick money ziko kila mahali… survival hapa sio mchezo kila mtu anajaribu kukuua in one way or the other, sio chakula, transport system, neurosurgeons, wakora, polisi,

You cant eat a living cow the last time i checked, you have to give it rope to commit suicide from younger age but since its always not that stupid, it riots by giving you lesser milk or work less.
The owner then decides he had enough of everything and assassinate the poor cow. Majority agrees with him that Dead cow is a good cow. They will then make skin products, sausages etc from the carcass. Dont feel bad about it, it’s in the constitution.

If you’ve ever done the Burma choma circuit, then you’ve definitely contributed to the depopulation of donkeys and zebras!

Yule jamaa alishikwa na kws akiwa na nyama ya twiga alienda wapi…very funny hekaya

Nyama ni nya???..nyama.

Mchina anakula mbwa bila kusumbua

@mozilla sometimes you just have to live your life and pray for the best coz if you start questioning everything you eat, you will die of starvation

o_O:D:D:Dbado tujakufa

Kama umekula nyama Nairobi, umeonja wanyama wote wanaopatikana Kenya…

Buy from a halal butchery. Tafuta mahali waislamu hununua nyama. Epuka minofu ya punda

My fren nyama hatuwes wacha kukula. Ukisota kula matawi pole pole.

In nyeri this is not news, as you cross the road kwa stage ya chini on your way to majengo there is a butchery there i dont remenber the name, the owner is the supplier of dead cows in nyeri county, he also owns a pub known as pine.
From one of his driver who taught me how to drivea dead cow costs as less as 3k and it will give you a profit of 18 k.

Sio kila mtu huishi slum kama wewe

Juzi bought mutton from my local supplier, ilipoiva it had a funny taste. Nilimpigia simu, he offered to make amends. Later learnt that kondoo iligonjeka ikapewa injection and when the owner saw that it wasn’t recovering, he decided to get rid of it via the slaughter house.
Meat is tricky.

Kwani ngombe huchinjwa ikiwa hai? Nimejua leo.

Nilikula samosa a week ago ya nyama ya mbwa. I got the worst food poisoning of my life. I lost so much weight hadi nikaparara.