All of Sudi's school certificates are fake, hakumaliza primary

@Predacon are you trying to imply that Sudi is not intelligent? Kwani what is the definitive measure of intelligence?

People respect gangsters druglords politicians and they are all thieves…if you Luck money as in be below the barrel you will understand what I’m talking about…money commands respect it doesn’t matter how it came about…good boys finish last. Play dirty get rich

There are graduations of intelligence, sort of ‘if; then’ and not ‘either or’. All I’m saying is, on that scale, I doubt whether his scores are high.

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Yeah, but from what I see, honesty and integrity commands power and fear. That is why those with money acquired in a less than transparent way will cower, run/hide or employ guerilla war tactics to deal with truth [I prefer the word honest(y) because truth can be relative, but for this purpose I’ll use ‘truth’]. They never do things brazenly unless they are sure they can completely squash and eradicate truth from their sphere of influence.

Then there are those of us whose goal in life is not to get rich (an aspect of povery and parasitism due to the need to take, accumulate and consume) but generate wealth (create, make bountiful and share). Big difference between the two.

Still anafaa avurugwe