All livestook and cows should cry

The wazimu mengi general is on tweeter shouting he has lost his kasin in a road accident(looting)in souta africaa.He is the son of the best chemical engineer in the republic.So, All livestook and cows should wip till wed when the burial will take place in siaya,Homabay.



Kunywa maziwa baridi mogoroki

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Livestook?[/SIZE]

Luo guys like @Tom Bayeye and @Swansea usually wail very loudly at funerals.

You will find a 56 year old njaruo like @Swansea Aluoch dressed in a second hand suit and white shirt, jumping very high in the air and then collapsing to the ground and rolling all over the red soil of Kendu bay , while wailing loudly in heavy dholuo. He will cry very loudly while producing thick mucous from his bulbous nose. He might even dive into the hole if he is not held back! He might even open the casket and hug the deceased!

When @Swansea finally recovers he will ask for some water and a plate of mgongo wasi so he can recover the lost energy. He will lick the fish bones while whistling happily through his toothless lower jaw. All misery forgotten.

And that ladies and gents is the story of Swansea Aluoch from Kendu bey.


Rafuok kama rasa za ndindu

Yes,Juja fisi wana do job.