All Gor Mahia fans ni washenzi

[li]Sports Kenya, in a statement on Monday, said that they, along with the ministry of Sport and Heritage, had decided to shut down the football arena “until further notice” after fans “destroyed seats and other properties in and outside the stadium” during Sunday’s friendly match between English Championship side Hull City and Gor.[/li][/ul]


fake news

shida ya hao watu inakuwanga nini ? yaani whether wameshinda ama wameshindwa lazima wazue rabsha

Even 8 year old kids conduct themselves with more decorum than this imbeciles. Ata kama ni bangi, you can’t all be affected in the same way.

Even with a win there would stll have been some damage ! But not just a gor thing ,check out the eagles superbowl victory ! It needs a few idiots to start them the rest of the apes join in the destruction !

Ati ‘Aerial View’. :rolleyes:

ni primitive energy



Naipenda ikiwa hivyo


:D:D:D:D:D, Lipua closet kabisa.

:D:D Si wote Bana, I know some cool and responsible gor mawe fans.

Did u edit my post? Ferk yu if you did!