All farmers to be registered by govt

@sani have you registered?


kilimo iachiwe wale watu wana 10 acres kuenda juu. ii mambo ya kuuza fertilizer kwa mkulima hana ata store ya kuweka mahindi ama wafanyikazi haifai.
Wakenya wengi wamekuwa wakijiita wakulima ilhali tunakufa njaa,

taxation purpose

Just did. Optimistic.

Sitambui mambo ya subsidy. Won’t register any of my ranch.

The most wasteful lot ni Hawa wa 10 acres and above since nothing pushes them to be innovative to achieve higher productions.

I visited a farmer with two-three acres of land but zile vitu amefanya makes you hate your efforts considering size of land and production achieved. Actually it’s just recently that they are mulling buying more acrage.

kwa products zile zingine kama kuku, vegetables na maziwa watu wa acres kidogo wako sawa, lakini kwa zile major grains zenye taifa inategemea, tuwachie farmers wakubwa na wapewe ile support wanahitaji.

Who is a farmer ,tuazie hapo

Ushuru lazima mtalipa.

Hii nayo ni ukweli yenye watu hawataki kuskia.
We can’t feed a country on 1 acre

The average farm size in the US is 450 acres. That way the farm can be mechanised and become productive. The produce is also stored on the farm until when the market prices are good. Hii ukulima ya kenya ya small scale planting of maize even in arid areas can never feed the country.








We should learn from asians how they have achieved food security even when farming smaller arid lands eg parts of india and pakistan.







What will you do with the people who live on the one acre? If you had leaders (not politicians!) they would have seen that there will be a fragmentation crisis less than two generations down and shifted policy towards creating alternative livelihoods for those who will not find beneficial occupation on the small pieces of land.
In Beberuland they had policy that only the first born could inherit family agricultural land hence the younger sons had no choice but to become drifters to coal mines and the industries created by the industrial revolution. Others were shipped off to “new lands”.
Also once in a while the cousins who ruled Europe sparked off wars with their relatives over some mundane reasons and that took care of a few million miserable souls at a time, therefore buying time from imminent implosions in their countries. An industrial economy and the growth of supporting service industry provided opportunities and stability.

Kenya hatuna wakulima

Do you see me surrendering my taito so that we create a more efficient kibbutz with my neighbours? I thought collectivization failed in Russia…:smiley:

So what do you want those farmers in arid area to do? Waache subsistence farming that feeds them? Again, no farmer owes you food.

Watu wa Nairobi … mtu ajawai hata shika jembe maisha yake yote ndo naona wanapiga kelele kabisa vile folks upcountry know jack shit bout’ farming. It’s like… Yo … bruh. Hold up now … will you. Tha fuck you talkin’ about man. Enyewe nyinyi ni watu bure bloody fuckin’ … kabisa. Tryna tell us what to do …

The small farmers infact do feed us. 1 acre of onions, tomatoes, hoho, water melon, dania, carrots etc can give quite good returns. 1 acre of sukuma can hold 10,000 plants and if you you harvest a leaf per plant per day and sell at 1 bob, thats 10,000 bob daily.





Hii ni upuss!!!
Gavament should allow free importation of fertilizer for anyone with the means to do so , market will autocorrect the surplus.
Mechanization tools should be duty Free,seed also na irrigation systems too

Hata shamba yangu Iko Kwa container ya 2kgs kasuku ni sawa