All cyber cafes are full of people applying for green card. We love our country in national anthem.

In the past two months cyber cafes and burues are full of Kenyans applying for Greencard. Employed and unemployed . What’s the problem?.??

That’s a rhetorical question

Jamaa wa cyber confirm hi mambo

Uko sure hujui the problem?

UDA kalejinga government is to blame. People don’t want to spend their years pushing wheelbarrows and selling vegetables.

We want out. Period!!!

Unauliza whats the problem na @captain obvious ananukisha kitunguu kuruka

Jambasi will put this country in a hole, we want out before the ship sinks.

Hio green card ilifunguliwa tu juzi, people have been waiting for years.

There are several 100 thousand .ke nyeuthi who are generally not starting or doing anything here because they put all efforts on getting out.

Alafu huku tunabaki nyeuthi aina ile huchagua wezi…isoright


My new home is 5km to the border. Kikiumana zaidi pia mimi naenda abroad where a large parcel of land awaits me. For now, shopping na kila kitu tunatoa Uganda.

States is even worse wadhii wanalala Kwa street na magari. But Acha wase waende we need them darras

The grass is always greener on the other side until you get there and realise it’s all an illusion

Too many loans in the last two decades and shit university system has messed up. The bubble has finally burst

There is always a rise after the fall. Wacheni kenya ianguke ndio turise moja mzuri

Am surprised that even those who voted for ruto are applying

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If people are so desperate to get there si waende Mexico wavuke border… Biden is the most “illegal immigrant friendly” president in recent history

Some of you will make anything about US politics bana. Kwani its impossible to focus on Kenyan issues? Is it escapism or what?

US politics will affect immigration to the US, legal or illegal, how is this difficult to understand?

Endeni kabisa mtuachie nchi. Mnatumalizia hewa. We will rule this country for 30 years.