All clubs in river-road opened...corona breeding ground

zote zimefunguliwa

karau wanakufa njaa. same case applies to lanyez. wenye wako ready kupata corona acha warun economy. wewe stay home n stay safe

Club kadhaa zimefunguliwa,

I sense sarcasm

Lipia lanye uache kusumbua

Hadi usiku?



Including club gabeez??

Yeah all clubs are open except strip clubs

I shall be doing some research to see how safe it is but i cannot wait to go back out… I have been waiting soooo long for this!

Good hope bado

guys on wednesday uhuru is set to blow away curfew and inter county lockdowns but the strict rules given by WHO such as wearing masks will apply.We will also have domestic flights …curfew i curse you,go away liddos,bavon and apple bees awaits me…

What about Club Texas?

Don’t get your hopes up, the numbers look horrible. It wouldn’t make sense to reopen when things are worse and the curve hasn’t peaked.

It’s open

Yesssssssss, so i just need to wait till mid july to head to gabby for a night of drinking smashing between the strippers and girl of sophia as ive never been there, i remember looking across the street and seeing one very beautiful one!

Munaota! this gava knows how reckless kenyans are when it comes to drinking. Some travel out of Nairobi will be allowed once the counties comply, but curfew and ban on night clubs will still stand

fuckkkkk, untill next year im guessing??? *sigh, guess ill have to settle baning in brothels until the strip clubs come back, ive only been twice, and covid fucked up my planned 3rd visit:(