All Blacks Vs Springboks

Boks facing a massacre at the hands of All Blacks

I need to Loise weight

@introvert kuom uongeleshe huyu KDF kiasi .

Huyu Punda anaitwa Loise.

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Ahh that thread made my day. Najua @gashwin after reading the header alienda inje n for the first time since he was born recited the Rosary

:eek::eek::eek::eek:kwani uliniona?

Wewe Si ndiye wife huwa anakuita umkamue wakati hio uko kwa desktop unamwambia…just a minute,someone has messed in the internet.

hapana Afande, hio ni kuekeleo hebu uliza yeye…

Watched the whole game, must say SA lost concentration but some tries Blacks got were questionable.

Which try do you think was questionable?One following that charge on lambies kick?that wasn’t a knock on…or you mean Berrets try?All blacks were too good bro esp their backs.

First was in the 1st half when the ball was dropped right before the line(don’t remember the name) but was given, second was a tackle on SA guy who didn’t have the ball at the time then the resulting kick that gave rise to the a try. Can’t post exact vids now.

I cant remember first half controversy bt second half tackle was very legit considering the south African player was last one active with the ball.

On that you might be right, look up the 1st half one. Gotta accept though, SA were outplayed.