All billionaires have this kwa nyumba, jee wewe?

Mijingaaaaa useless

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hawa majamaa Dio wanaharibu shilling Dollar rates

watu wa unga

American Government loves this.

Such people should be made to explain how they make this money. Kenya is becoming a lawless jungle. Hii ni pesa ya matembe.


What is the work of NIS if these guys seem to be flaunting obviously ill gotten dollars so openly and nothing happens to them? Or NIS only meant to spy on behalf of the presidident for politial survival only? Shakahola, Poison Sugar, KEMSA heist and many many others happen without their knowledge…

Home invasions will go up.

Hawa politicians wengi wamejaza pesa kwa bedrooms. I challenge akina @johntez addi gaza msafi wawachane na wamama wa soko waendee real money huko karen

Nilikwambia the Kenyan security forces hawawezi shika mzee kobe mgonjwa even if they were to combine their efforts.

Becoming? Below is the former CJ giving his views. Please pay close attention to the year the article was written.

In any other country that takes the rule of law seriously, Babu would be in jail serving time for attempted murder of DJ Evolve.

Juzi tu the Chief Registrar Amadi caught in a Kshs 100 million gold scam.

Kenya went. :D:D:D

[SIZE=7]Kenya has become a “bandit economy”, says Chief Justice Willy Mutunga[/SIZE]
JANUARY 11, 2016
[SIZE=5]“The influence of the cartels is overwhelming…If we do not fight the cartels, we become their slaves. But leaders who do take on the cartels must be prepared to be killed or exiled.”[/SIZE]

In fact the moment you see a kenyan flauting wealth, the first assumption is that it is illicit cash… yaani guilty first until they prove themselves otherwise!

Tunajua babu ameuzia baba mkia

Huh ???

Si wewe ulisema uko na over 30 million in cash ama ni zile chocha zako

Something has to give… probable restructuring. These niggers have already changed their shillings to dollars

Pres na Deputy ni mkora… nothing can be done…
this is a mafia nation brother

Not in the house kizee. Hiyo mchoch akiweza zipata am sure siwezi zi recover

Get the bodies on the floor