She died in a chopper crush. I miss her. Kobe was a rapist.

Si ulie basi

Which song did he rap?


Sinanga machozi ngite eno.

Then squirt fool!

Umbwa wewe…uncircumcised man has no authority to talk infront of elders

Ati Kobe? Don’t you mean R-kelly

R Kelly has an excuse. He was raped as a child and then his mom took 5 grand frm the man who molested him to drop the charges.

Wa kaputi kwani Leo umekua mkali aje?

Being raped as a child gives you an excuse to do the same?

Can’t believe this is from you. Justifying rape now?

@TrumanCapote unapigangwa kuni saa ngapi? You post here all the time. You have soo much time on your hands.

I am allergic to firewood and I find that activity you are speaking about disgusting. Ineza niua Jameni. I’m too delicate for such activities. Why are you tracking what I post? Pambana na hali yako uachane na mimi. If you have no time coz inabidi u hustle usinione wivu. Time is money. So mwenye Hana time ka wewe tunakua chenye inamsumbua. Usiniletee ushoga kwa post yangu ngamia.

That’s what all these child molesters say. So maybe there’s a link. Btwn molesting other kids and being molested as a kid. That’s his excuse. I am not saying that that makes it OK. But what’s Kobes excuse? Is my point. Hana hata excuse.

Mimi si shoga. Hapana tambua shoga. Uko state gani?

According to the rapists and child molesters it does.

State of emergency.

:D:D Meffi

Nanyesha. Iko swali?