Alitoa hii post asap nicah

Hajavaaa Hadi inner wear[ATTACH=full]274553[/ATTACH]

Hii malaya iko na shida mingi sana. When a woman starts hunting for attention from online strangers like this just know that the wall is within the vicinity. Women who have nothing upstairs suffer a terrible fate once the fountain of youth ebbs away.

Siwez mind hio matako

The wall is relentless and undefeated

Ni nani huyo?

Kuna pussy whipped men like @sani who are willing to ‘forgive the past’ and offer her the ultimate price a 3carat ring and wife her… Fools and their money are soon parted #stay woke


Tamu sana. She is showing wananchi what they miss. But how does her man feel seeing such.

… hekaya pris? Udaku is muoto.

Where did this story come from? Link?

Mgtow threads this morning

Nigeria is not a tourist destination, ukiona bitch imeanza trips huko its either she’s going to sell her pussy and anus to those ogas ama she’s a mule

pesa lazima itafutwe my fren

Mcheki pale Instagram, kuna Oga anaikanyaga. She’s super dickmatized, hajijui. Haha, atawachwa tu, watch this space. Ataingia gym kama Corazon ama aanze ma Quotes.
Kuna Rwandese anaitwa Aggy Nkuruzisa (Google her) amebeba haga kuruka, pia amepeleka Maku Ghana.

Ofweneke must be one lucky man. Imagine he had wifed this one. Alihepa stress

He is still paying child support, worse his daughters have such a whore for a mother figure. U think that they will grow up to be saints like mother teresa? He is very very far from lucky.

Banaaaa huyu Ni nani and do you have xray eyes Ama my eyes ndio zinaona tu hio tight

Me hushuku huyo Aggy Sana I think she’s a prostitute chini ya maji

Huyo ni malaya and no one can tell me otherwise. I have a Rwanda pal she use to be on the same campo with her, umalaya alianzia kitambo so I’m told by her. Kuma inauzwa proper bora tu uweze kufika bei

:Dhiyo ujamwambia poa

Ofweneke never deserved this thot. Inauma but Alipe child support