Alininyandua 5rounds (CtrlC=CtrlV)


So she did what any other lady in her predicament would, she went after the moneyed ancestor. And she thought the rules of engagement were going to ensure fair play -you eat me, I eat your money. Instead, she when the lights were turned off and the old geezer was turned on, she had a grueling 5 rounds that she thought she’d only get from a youngin.

Mwanaume alinyandua, akaenda.

hata paka mzee hunywa maziwa

She offered fake love he offered fake prosperity. Ile amekunywa na kula imemtosha. Huyo mzee alifanya vema kupiga mzigo bila huruma.



A colleague with the DCIO he is 56 years but according to an attendant at our usual throats irrigation spot. A certain nyasuguta anawalimaga kama tractor Mpya.

huyo mzee ni our very own @native son , dryspell manenoz


Kuna malaya hungoja uwatombee alafu wanakuitisha pesa za salon/ rent
Kama unauza state ur price beforehand
ndio muachane mapema b4 anything happens

men in their forties up to about sixty without diabetes or hypertension are very ‘dangerous’ in bed. they have the requisite experience, patience and confidence necessary to dispense unforgettable bedminton. if you see one talking to your woman be very afraid.

K-talk threshold was never attained peleka mbali hii upuusy

Leta Hekaya VE walikula Bibi ama :smiley:

Hehe chapa ilale kesi baaadaye

kuhepa na ndeni, eh?:D:D:D:D

this ‘‘kamzee’’ person sounds like @culture :D:D

:D:D:D hebu katafutwo kajitete…

Threshold saved the day!

What if you just say no

he can’t, doesn’t want to be labeled a peasant by a kunguru

mimi kama hukuniambia beforehand wewe ni muuzaji
sikupii kitu