Alikuwa Kijana Mdogo Sana


Rigathi Gachagua joined G.o.K at a very tender age, and His elder Brother was in Government for a long time.
I won’t be wrong to say that the two got immensely wealthy while holding Government/ Public offices, Same applies to The Hustler in Chief, Ruto.
These guys have been in G.o.K since the dictatorial regime of Mzee Moi, while the true liberators of this country were hunted down, tortured, expelled from the country and even politically assassinated.
Here they’re calling themselves hustlers. I wish you all the best.

Wewe enda uketi kwa meza ya makaburu na mapolisi na masenior chiefs kama wewe ni moja yao.
Tuko nyuma ya kiongozi wa taifa na tuko hapa meza ya mahustler.

Tuliwaambia this phenomenon is called “same monkeys , different forests”…

Your analysis is spot on. Now can you complete your observation by telling us where the Kenyatta,Mois,Odingas,Mydabadis were during that time.

The so called liberators when given opportunity to run government in 2002 have looted it dry and now wallow in Byzantine wealth. The you have discarded their liberation fatigues and are now recreating medieval fiefdoms in their areas of influence.

Kiraitu is the Crocodile of Meru who must not be challenged. Anyan Nyongo is destroying poor people’s stalls in Kisumu.

kivutha and his fake projects in Makueni is well known.

other liberators acquired mysterious wealth beyond their known means and moved to Karen.

Nowadays the liberators struggle to associate and befriend the wealthy elite that once persecuted them.

The church which once issued scathing pastoral letters is now an Avenue for laundering money and reputations by our dubious political elite.

Wore Ni wakora.

Gachagua was the DO Molo in 1992 when ethnic cleansing was taking place. Did he help his people when these atrocities were taking place or he was used as a tool to facilitate the persecution of his own people? Him and YK92 goons go back a long way.

At least they’re not advancing a false narratives out there, Ruto and Rigathi were in G.o.K in there mid 20’s tapping the benefits which led them to be influential people in the society, the same route that was used by the Kenyatta’s, Moi’s , Odinga’s and many others.
Why the two characters now are posing as hustlers is the question ?

All politicians advance false narratives. Those whose wealth is largely from corruption swear they will crash cartels.
Those who said they want to unite Kenya now call conclaves and say they will always look out for their tribes interest.
Those who said kumi kumi now say hakuna Deni.
Those who were left with one bullet are now preparing for 2022.

Rigathi may not have amassed much wealth from being a mere DO.
Ruto was also not a billionaire before 2008.
Most have bcome super rich under the Jubilee administration.
Before they were just comfortable not wealthy.

Exactly! Ten years ago Ruto and Uhuru were singing the same song. Now he has discovered there is something wrong with dynasty. These politicians have us figured out. They keep rebranding and convincing us they are different animals. Now Ruto is supposed to be our savior, a guy who has been deputy president for 8 years with nothing to show for it. Pure rubbish!

Siasa ndio zinashika moto…Sagana, amesema watu wasiitikie wheelbarrow…Amerudishiwa akaambiwa deni yenye ako nayo ni kufanyia wananchi kazi sio kwenda kwa tribal politics. Gloves off

Hiyo sijawahi skia. Kwani Byzantines walikuwa na maziwa aje?