AliExpress shipping alternatives

Maze my laptop’s stopped working na I’m in the middle of a project. Kuna a service inaweza letea from AliExpress within atmost a month??

FedEx, DHL you pay double

There’s the service where you ship to their local address in China, they ship to you. Takes about 1 and 1/2 weeks. They charge a K for a kilo, 800bob for any additional weight per kg. Anything goes, no duty.


hizo ni expe saana? hata ni more than the product


Even for electronics.share contact details zao pls


Boss, normal shipping hukuanga 2 weeks. Sometimes less. Just place your order and relax and your item will be with you asap


Yeah. But si zote. Kuna cuzo yangu alibuy phone case on 13th Nov thru mpost na hajaipata. Sijui kama ni uzembe yake ya kuenda kuangalia. Si mpost hutuma text vitu zikifika kwa posta yako?

Sasa wewe? Unaongojea text ya mpost badala ya kutrack? There is always the issue of the vendor failing to deliver on time. To avoid that always buy from a vendor who has a rating of 98%+. Otherwise your bro was just unlucky and you cant place all items on Aliexpress’s delivery under the same timeline as your bro’s. Place your order and relax. Kwanza this Dec was so sweet I bought a 32GB flashdisk for 400 it arrived with 1.5 weeks

Has this flash drive passed the integrity
H2testw test?

I didnt even bother with that it’s a San Disk plus the comments were very positive and its dirt cheap. I only use it for watching movies on TV and so far it’s doing its job just so fine.

Which vendor? Leta link


KES 267.00 30%OFF | SanDisk CZ61 USB Flash Drive 128GB/64GB/32GB/16GB Pen Drive Pendrive USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory stick USB disk usb flash

There are three types. Normal USB, Micro USB and TYpe C. I purchased the normal one.

aramex, by shop n’ship

What are they called?


I had a very bad experience with Aramex. Paid almost the same amount in shipping fees. I will stick to the normal standard shipping even if it takes longer.