aliens, ET and religion

woke up this morning dragged my awesome body to the kitchen made my coffee and move to my table where I do my thinking then I saw a article about ufoz and it got me think are we alone in this word ? is god an ET
are alien out there is God one of them of he is just another make shift god that humanity crafted to solve our loneliness.
the bible has huge hole hat no one wants to answer in the begin animals were there but not dinosaur this ancient creature are not mention
religion goes hand in hand with war each war spreads the winners religion as the looser switches religion and deeming there god as a weak us god when Vikings existed they believed in oden son thor and of the Norwegian mythology and each country they defected they switch religion and thorn become famous this happed to the Hercules and the greed gods same thing also the same as the Christians
so is religion just a myth to keep the defeated nation hope
we are in a new chapter of science and its moving nation most tech countries are abandoning Christian myth to a factual religion of seeing is believing is this the end of Gods and new age of tech
me myself I don’t knw shit am hoping in my time al get to see an alien even if it an angel


You will never get to see an alien and govt will never allow that. If an alien will ever be discovered what will it say about us, will religion still hold any relevance, will Jesus have died for them also? if not, are they inferior to us, if yes then why are they not mentioned anywhere in the bible explicitly. all this questions would throw the world into chaos and anarchy!

Punguza movies and series mob…
If an alien was discovered on Mars, how would that be a cause for chaos and anarchy?

it would my friend, because it would shake christianity to its core?

question with no answer hmmmmm

Oh Lord!! How would that shake Christianity? Or Islam/any-other-religion for that matter?
Si usome biblia and you will decipher one or two things. Christ died for our sins, sins from our human lineage. Sins that began with Adam na Hawa. Aliens cannot be human, as they are not from our lineage… Ama huoni hilo?

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before Christianity there was greater religion then come the man on the cross and he shook the core off the other religion same would happen if alien ever come or seen or proven to exist

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That’s what you think, not how it will happen. Religion has been shaped by humans themselves… And unless another religion will sprout up when the aliens arrive; depicting them as higher beings-gods, Christianity will still remain

there is another religion coming and its here its called scientology have you heard of it

all I know is that we are living on a planet which revolves around a star. that star is in a galaxy. there are billions of such stars in the galaxy and zillions if not trillions of such galaxies. So I still have hope that something else exists out there, in the universe, out there where we try to suppress our imagination not to get to. God is too wise and grand not to have just one planet to watch after. may be we are not thaaat special after all. if we are created in his likeness…then we know that one is never enough

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I read about it, like two years ago. The religion is as old as maumau…

as you urself said religion is shaped by humans themselves and a new religion is being shaped and also mau mau is not old it a movement that lasted for a short time

figure of speech… That scientology religion began in the 50s, its not something new. Its not something radical so its simply irrelevant…

what I mean is it is spreading to new nations