Alienda Kuuana Germany



@Panyaste★ umepatikana?

[SIZE=5]Huwezi ona @Bingwa Scrotum hapa.[/SIZE]


German authorities are clamping down on anyone who mentions the suspect’s Somali nationality. I wonder why?


Guess what he yelled when he was killing people. [SIZE=6]No, it wasn’t "diversity is our strength[/SIZE]." :D:D

that one must be @Bingwa Scrotum 's brother. very useless people

The man is clearly concerned about catching COVID-19 even as he goes about his business of killing. ION, huyu mwingine wa Britain pia ameshindwa ku-qualify for Olympics. Sasa he’ll go from being British athlete to “Somali-born athlete” coz he’s no longer useful :D:D:D

Hizi ngamia ndio zimejaa kenya

They did the same to the Kenyan mzungu when he was caught doping

Hawa Germans ni waoga Sana…

a good Somali is a dead somali

Dude is convinced he has 21 virgins waiting for him yonder…

Most somalis are bonobos…sasa hizi ni gani

The religion of peace

Somali wooooooooote, ni tuckertucker za mtaro za Eastleigh

All Shumares should be wiped out of the face of the earth including @binjwa scrotums

Now he can identify as a woman ajaribu kuingia in the women’s events:D:D

Watu kama huyo ni bonobo kabisa. Kama hawezi ishi na wazungu juu they are kafir si angebaki somalia or got to live in arab countries.

I have no problem with wakoloni being finished

Liberalism will slowly kill Europe especially Germany as it aims to cleanse it’s Nazi past by being open to immigration from unstable countries. Murders, stabbings and rapes perpetuated by immigrants and asylum seekers will continue to rise.