Guys,do anyone knows how buying things in alibaba goes about,mostly the shipping part

Yap I have bought via alibaba I shipped using Aramex. Aramex ni wezi tupu jaribu salihiya ama shipping companies zingine.
I paid using western Union

No we dosent knowing.

Thanks a lot. Will definitely check Salihiya. Just one thing, once you pay the shipper there is no issues of tax,right?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Apparently KTalk has become a source of answers… You wanna know something? Don’t ngungu it,Ktalk it :smiley:

@Deorro , you should be proud

I have never bought the idea of online buying. Not for the things i could go and get at any local shop.

Talk to @incognitus he will ship for you quick with reliable prices too

What did you want it to be? Some of you guys mnatusiana on threads of people asking for help but kwa inbox zetu mmekunja mikia asking for help. Hii elitism mnataka kuleta kwa threads za NV asking for help ni ufala sana.
If you cannot help follow the thread and let those who can help

Boss,I was only trying to congratulate you…but trust your instincts to see only the bad in everything…
And if I have ever been to your inbox,Sema sasa ara?

Mimi sikutaja mahali
Also how you interpret my replies ni your own problem

You never mentioned me…true. But you just had to use my comment as a basis for your comment,right?
And the phrase ‘some of you guys…’ Pretty inclusive if you ask me…
But again,I am only misinterpreting the great non partisan @Deorro. Sorry,my bad.

Ushuru kenyattax lazima ilipwe. Salihiya add to the cost of shipping.

When you buy on a large bulky it can be cheaper for a business. Trying to venture into some business and if importing is possible I can outdo the competition

Sometime first hand info is much better than what goggle can offer.

Talk to @incognitus he will help you ship from China

Haitwi Wamafeelings for nothing.

Thank you a lot. Will get in touch with him.