Alibaba Vs Local Supplier

Poleni kwa kuleta hii thread on Friday jioni wasee. Thanks to k talk nimefunguka macho kiasi. As i had hinted earlier, I want to open a hardware and specialize in locks. So i have a friend of mine who is a local supplier. Lock moja anauza 1000 na 1800. The same lock nimeiona alibaba na inauzwa between 1 and 2 USD. Swali wasee is it advisable to go for the alibaba one ama nichukue kwa jamaa local.


Monday ndiyo mwanzo wa Biashara Leo ilikuwa mwisho

start with local…once you have traction…start shipping…


For alibaba you need to check the minimum number of locks they sell, it’s wholesale so their profit margins are gained through sales volume. Most merchants sale a minimum of 100 pieces so as to generate a profit… Then factor in the shipment cost and a shipment that large attracts custom charges so at the end of the day the price of one lock all variables factored in might be somehow higher…