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Siku Njema Author Ken Walibora Arrested For Exposing His Genitals
By Ken / Sunday, 23 Sep 2012 09:35PM / 7 Comments

Ken Walibora
Image by Jackal News
In a bizzare story you won’t hear everyday, ‘Siku Njema’ author and former Nation TV news anchor, Ken Waliaula, better known by his pen name ‘Walibora’ has been charged in USA for ‘exposing’ his genitalia. Walibora is currently an assistant professor of African languages and literature at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He allegedly exposed his organ to a random lady near campus, who later turned out be a student who had taken some of his classes.

The lady filed a complaint with the police and Walibora was arrested 2 hours later. Initially, he denied having deliberately exposed himself, saying that he realized that his zipper was down after seeing the shock on the woman’s face. He however admitted, saying that he has an ‘exposing problem’, and that he had revealed his privates to at least 5 more women.
On her complaint, the 22 year old lady said that she noticed Walibora’s zipper and top button of his jeans open and when she made eye contact, the good professor smiled and adjusted his jeans so that genitals became more visible.
Ken Walibora, 47, is known for his time at Nation Television, now NTV, where he served as a Swahili news anchor at the then new station. During his time there, he is credited with coming up with several phrases including the now widely accepted ‘eneo bunge’, Swahili for constituency. He is also known for his novels with the most read being ‘Siku Njema’.

Isn’t this an excerpt from the short stories book Mayai Waziri Wa Maradhi?

Maiko…it is an offence to expose your genitals in public. I know a guy from off Kiambu Rd who was deported after found weeing by the pavement. His papers were not in order…next alijiona Jomo Kenyatta. And another one too who was arrested and gave his sister’s house as his main address. Met took him and the sis denied knowing him as her papers were not in order either. Moja kwa moja mpaka JKIA. I have heard of Kenyans in America being deported for the same. Infact you will never see breastfeeding mothers removing that tit in public.

He was a pervert

I gathered as much and I guess which is why the laws are here to protect us as we live side by side with very sick individuals.

So the guy was an exhibitionist? Damn. Jaribu hiyo ujinga na madem wa UoN na KU, siyo wale wa huko majuu.

he was kicked out of the US and allowed to continue working with young, impressionable females in Kenya. Huwa hatujihesimu

In the metoo era, angekarangwa

UW-Madison African Studies professor was charged Wednesday with lewd and lascivious behavior for allegedly exposing himself last month to a student near campus, who, it turned out, had taken one of his classes.
Kennedy A. Waliaula, 47, of Madison, an assistant professor of African languages and literature, was charged with the misdemeanor for allegedly exposing his genitals to the woman as he walked past her on North Charter Street mid-afternoon on July 10, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.
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When police located Waliaula about two hours after the student reported the incident, he first said he discovered after seeing the student’s shocked expression that his zipper was down. But he later admitted that he opened his pants himself so that he could expose himself to women and that he had exposed himself to about five women, the complaint states.

Waliaula admitted to police that he has a problem exposing himself in public, according to the complaint.

Waliaula was placed on paid leave after his arrest, UW-Madison spokesman Dennis Chaptman said. He said Waliaula’s case is working its way through UW’s personnel process and could result in dismissal.
The complaint states that the 22-year-old woman said she was walking south in the 500 block of North Charter Street when she saw Waliaula, whom she recognized as a professor she had in her sophomore year of college, walking north in the same block.

The woman told police that she noticed the zipper and top button of his jeans were open and that when she made eye contact with him he smiled and adjusted his jeans so that his genitals became exposed.

Waliaula is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

You know we are a promiscuous society. No one cares about such stuff. Truth be said even if his employers knew about his shady past, they would still have given him the job. And our Uni girls are no saints either.

Just wondering ,

If Ken was a female lecturer and flashed pussy to a male student

would the deporting still have taken place ?

Tou niggas are overrreacting. You’re jumping to conclusions kipetero kiyesu. You need to read that short story in the set book Mayai Waziri Wa Maradhi then you’ll have a better understanding

Know the laws of your adopted country. The Equality Act 2010 in UK protects you for as long as you wish to breastfeed your baby. What I am saying is that you should stop misleading


Please let my relative rest in peace