#AlfredOlango :: Shot by the Popo In the USA

The shootings are getting closer home now. This guy is Ugandan. Shot while having a seizure

EDIT : We are fully aware that many people are being killed in Africa by rogue police, Repressive political regimes, Civil Wars and Run away criminals. But remember, this guy comes from Gulu. Probably left Gulu to find peace and better economic prospects. Maybe if he was still in Uganda he would still be alive, we don’t know. Just a ferked up world is what we live in.

That photo is too close for comfort. May he rest in peace

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Land of the Free? NOT!

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Millions are shot by our own dictators na hatubweki.

Salvir Kirr et al are busy shooting thousands na hatubweki.

Nkururinza shot hundreds na tumenyamaza.
Kabila is busy shooting in DRC na huoni.
Uhuru shot hundreds in Naivasha.
Mugabe yesterday shot a few in Harare.
Kagame regularly hunt and shoot them all over Africa.
Ali Bongo just finished shooting in Gabon.


We expect that from these primitive parts of the world…lakini not fro the so called land of the free preaching democracy to everybody else


Like i have said severally, you can worship the west, talk like them, dress like them, act like them but you will never be them and they will never accept you as one of them. Tafakari hiyo those brainwashed by CNN.


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Iy is believed he was holding a gun. But I cannot see it from the pics above. Hizi zilichukuliwa na kisu ama msumeno

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When the popo tell you to step out of your car with your hands above your head, to lie on the ground with your hands behind your back, don’t argue if you value your life.
That said, i would never want to go to the US, unaeza visit a relative you end up dead.

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popo najua ni BAT

So tusibweke because we don’t bweka when our dictators kill?you have a simple ideology jakoyo