Alfred Mutua

Wacha Ushoga. Arror atakufunza lesson, wewe na Uhuru, master wako.


Jamaa analia lia police station eti alitishiwa maisha statehouse, si angereport kwa C in C?

The Mutua’s and waiguru’s are being thrown in to distract you…focus on the goal. Kwanza wewe your brief is to report on Matiangi…find out if he was remotely involved in Itare dam scandal…and how huge was Eugenia wamalwas share?

Ebu fafanua

Kanapenda sinema sana

Dams is where huge amount were stolen. Almost 30 dams ziko arror status[ATTACH=full]276004[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]276005[/ATTACH]

Arror does not threaten. Those who have crossed him before (may their souls rest in peace) know the consequences are better imagined than experienced. Fortunately Mutua is a non issue to Arror. We are fighting parasitic capitalist’s, who are dollar billionares, and have real power

Mdau, wacha porojo, Theta dam iliisha kitambo sana. Alafu Thirika (I guess you meant Thiririka) hio nayo haikuwa dam as such, ilikuwa pahali pa ku draw in the water and pipe it to a collection point at Kimunyu from where distribution to the upcoming estates like Riverside, Murram, croton ridge would happen.

Wewe kweli umechizi