Alfred Mutua: The Audacity of Hope

Is live on citizen talking smooth.He has been accused of being nothing more than PR but listening to him there might be more to the man. I think we fight have been too used to the stench of mediocrity that we can’t identify the fresh air of competence when we smell it.
The guy has done tarmac roads,dug boreholes,is building a major dam etc all with meager county resources. If that is not prudent management of public resource then I don’t know.
Uhuru promised 10000kms of roads but so far has been only able to resource a quarter of that. Guess who might just be able to achieve that on time and under budget?
For the first time I feel I will vote on ideals and go all in for this guy. I might actually volunteer my time and resources to campaign for him . Or he might have just done a good number on me.
Guys what do you think, join this campaign against mediocre leadership? I feel hopeful.

He can talk a good talk but i will wait mpaka 2021 nisome manifesto za presidential candidates

I am also watching. I like Gov Mutua. I live in Machakos county even though I was voting in Kabete

Lakini Arap mwizi hapati hii kitu aendee akikaukanga.

musisahau deni.

Has he actually done a good job ama is it as people are saying that ni propaganda?

I appreciate all Uhuru is doing but am enamoured with the idea that we might do better with this guy .A guy who will shake up the system and deliver on the goals that have proven elusive;cheap power,roads at 20m per km, universal healthcare, goals that can only be achieved through risk taking, and an entrepreneurial approach. This was the guy who bought second hand cars for the county because it was more prudent that way,took heat from Kenyans who drive the same second hand cars, good for the goose good for the gander.
Am inviting team despondent to join me @Abba . Come on guys we might just make it happen here, take off and fly high like Icarus, never mind crashing and burning,the well beaten path of Daedalus won’t get us there.

The presidency is different ball game the stake are way higher than those at the gubernatorial level. Mutua might be the right fit but like all the politians he has alot of baggage which will try to offload by granting of favours and the cycle will continue.
I once heard bob collymore say democracy is not necessarily a good thing…this country needs a dictator singapore style.

Unfortunately, in my opinion presidents are not chosen in the ballot boxes but in boardrooms, resorts and golf courses:(

his developments are just in theory form. bure kabisa

Do manifestos work in Africa?

Im warming up for mutua. I’ll do anything but never arap mashamba

We used to hang out when he was around here . Quite intelligent fellow . His IQ and of Uliam is like common sense na @uwesmake. I’ll personally take a flight and vote for him. We and are tired of mediocratic way of thinking

deni ni yeye na watu wao. he ain’t going anywhere. if that the reason he favored characters like yt2 and sonko, pole kwake.

Mutua tends to get ahead of himself most of the time. i tend to think Kivutha Kibwana will be the man in politics, just like his former employer, Mwai wa Kibaki. The only problem is that He seems unambitious about the whole plot.

moi squandered that opportunity . with court orders coming from all directions, kenya is doomed.

I live in Mavoko municipality which is a county border town with Nairobi. Mavoko is nice with lots of young people and signs of prosperity all over. Huko mashinani I rarely go but when I do go I see improvements. It’s relatively clean.

Not if he runs his campaigns differently. Boniface Mwangi is the first politician I contributed for, am sure many would do the same for Mutua.