Alfred Keter arrested trying to trade Sh. 633M fake treasury bills

He has been arrested with two others. They presented forged treasury bills.

pia yeye ana undergo revisiting

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D This is the most entertaining government. If you are perceived as a threat, be ready for a funny scandal somewhere. If you fight the government, they give you bigger problems to worry about. Keter is busy worrying about this case now and will weigh any words he utters very carefully going forward. Babu Owino is busy counting votes and his mouth is tighter than a vice. Miguna is somewhere in Canada wondering whether he is a Kenyan citizen. The government is walking around with a big hammer, ukichomoa kichwa inagongwa.

A gang of thieves from the top to the bottom…wakale wanafunzwa wizi but it looks like they are not smart enough to cover their tracks like shiny eyes.

Sijui kwanini uki kaa na hawa watu sana unajipata unaiba kama hao…heheh

Hi hi hi, navile he erected billboards allover Eldoret congratulating the despotic duo, if he knew he should have saved his money for future use. or litigations

Funny. He never thought to do it before until this moment in history. This is so Moiesque.

Alfie Keter Juu ,juu juu juuu zaidi

I’m pretty sure he’s being revisited after the parliamentary committee scuffle.

Haiya wamemfunga pingu…

Hehe yawa Jubilee yawa. They should have waited for a year. Now it’s obvious this is just a joke.


Alfred ata complicate maneno 2022, hii case itakuwa dragged beyond 2022. Talk about being held by the balls.
Alfred Later ATATII mwito.

Who cares?..let them fight internally and kill each other for all we care.

angeiba hio pesa ndio wamushike but isorait by jioni he will be out , all MPs are thieves hata loan akipewa halipi

kumi fresh!! arap mashamba weeding out all the threats

hii si poa unafungaje musito pingu , ni ukweli Ruto akikuwekea wanted anaweza kuuwa , hii picha opponents wataweka mpaka kwa village billboards pale kapsabet .

Waiting for waigurus turn in jail.

Now surely if you can be planted T Bills because of PSC disagreement, na wewe ni Chupilee damu itakuaje the rest of us? Tuanze kutafuta ile inchi tutaishi, we will not even be breathing without Unye permission. These are Moi tactics. Who doesnt know these tactics. Ukikosana na Moi suddenly you’ve become a criminal ,guns and drugs are planted in your house unaenda Nyayo House.

iko kwa dna