Alfajiri ya kupendeza

No problem bro. You did nothing bad. It was just a normal and healthy discussion. Pls feel free and welcome again to my thread and comment whenever you feel. Tumsifu Yesu Kristu.

We have to proclaim our faith.

Today I have sung our gikuyu songs to my shudren. I know them off by heart.

Thanks and God blessings, will soon update the village on construction of our new church at Queens of apostles Ruaraka .
Had a great weekend in Embu and Kiambu

Guess what??? I found that I could sing all the songs word for word. It reminded me of my childhood. Coz I love music the words came back. I remembered kina Muini and BM singing with my dad when I was little. I love music…he did.

Na warugwiti

Song iko wapi?

Njeri was in muchatha Catholic choir, the late dad was a legend Francis Rugwiti wa Njeri…njuhiga wa kufio MHSRIP

Did not know that…wooow

Wharra a day and a thread. So you know my relas kina Miring’us, Kamothos and all them folk? I am sad. Sad that you still won’t tell me who you are na wewe unanijua.

I dedicate this song to you…it is shoa shoa naiuthuie no 5

Liberty we hijacked your thread:D:D:D:D…kikikikiki ukiona Kasaman tell him I am v annoyed by his refusal to tell me who he is yet ananijua sana and my whole family too. Ngonja nifike Jamu soon.

BTW I enjoyed myself sana, memory lanes… so it was cool.

Liberty imagine I sent you a different version of this song in 2018. I must love the song…I googled it randomly and got this…mpaka google ananijua hahahahaha