Alfajiri sana sacco

  • Wamama wa soko amkeni.
  • Wa kutayarisha watoto waende shule amkeni.
  • Matatu drivers amkeni.
  • Wa vibarua amkeni
  • Mbirrionaires amkeni
  • Hustlers amkeni
  • Amkeni kabla mpatwe na jam barabarani.

I remember there was a time I used to wake up at 4:30 AM so I can be out the door by 5:15 AM.

Dandia mat za mapema teke teke hadi tao, get to town by 6:30, sometimes mat ikijaa faster be in town by 6:10. Then walk from Bus Station to Railways to catch a mat to Karen.

Hapo matatu za Ngong zitazunguka roundabout for some minutes hadi mtu anaboeka, then hit the road towards Upper Hill. Jam ya Ngong road nayo? Na mat kwena ikisimama simama?

I used to get to work at around 7:40 - 8:00 mostly. On rare occasions ningejipata nimefika earlier than 7:30.

Jioni was worse. Leave the office at 5pm, get home at 8pm. And when it rained it was more worse.

6 fucking hours spent commuting !!!

Anyway, that’s all history now as I am on my way to be my own boss and I can sleep more and work less, or sleep less and work more whichever I want.

Just curious, how many hours do you spend commuting in a day?

ndio navy seal nimeland

I spend a maximum of 2hrs. But it can reduce to 1hr depending with peak/offpeak.

At Mtito from 001. Basi ilichelewa tukatoka 12am badala ya 2130hrs. Yafaa nikue job asubuhi. Sioni niki make.

Ferk whatever caused the delay juu naona nikifika 047 11am.

I spend 2-3 hrs, but with the weather today I am thinking twice about coming to 047.

On a good day i spend 2.5 - 3hrs in total commuting…on a bad day like last friday it was nearly 6hrs

I have perfected the art of leaving the house after 8am and start my way back anytime after 3pm but before 5.It used to work well much of last year maybe due to the political atmosphere and NASA’s disruptive activities but for the last month, roads everywhere are clogged with traffic most of the time.

A beaut day and week y’all…


Good day to all in the village
When thika road was done ,everybody came this side,even those commuting From kangundo use bypass through Ruiru .It’s total mess ! I take 2hrs on average

A good week ahead for me…and the same for you and yours.

A brand new day, for those who wish to travel to Mombasa, you have to wait until further notice, hata wale walitoka Sato wakielekea huko hawajafika. Hapo ndio mvua imetufikisha. Nway beautiful day to you all.

25mins kwenda kazini. 45mins kwenda home

Good day and blessed week.

I walk to work, 15 minutes to and maybe thirty minutes fro due to kubranch branch buying supper

1hr asubuhi
1.5hrs jioni.