Alfajiri Sacco

What happened to that idiot who opens the parallel sacco?

And what happened to the @Gio Almighty, he who cycles 875kms, cooks marinated tortoise, gets laid (to the threshold), all within 12 hrs, and still manages to open the sacco at 3am next day?

Sacco open. Good day.


Morning aviator, acha kusumbua, niko church

Morning aviator. Najitayarisha kuenda holy family, then ninunulie Okiya Jr. Chips hapo sonford, drop him home alafu niende mkutano ya CORD machakos. Good day.

He must be hercules

Sasa nitaanza campaign ya aviator = admin juu ulikua ushamshuku kitambo so ulikua na inside info hehehe. But I was always suspicious venye his posts alikua akiitishwa step by step pics hatoi na at a kama mwanaume anapenda kupika aje hawezi tumia time yake kukatakata kitunguu into cubes.unless he is a chef. Alafu vile aliulizwa kama hizo chicken breast alitoa skin akasema ee nikajiuliza kama huuzwa na skin na sijawahi ona. Any hu I hope he got at least one lay here from his act

Sour grapes? He left before you sampled him and his cooking?

mtu anipe hii rink prizz

Hata mi naomba nipewe rink.

Good mornings.Nimetoka church. Spending time with Kingolondoress and kingolondolet. Have a blessed day

he he he he

I doubt if he got laid here…he was such a narcissistic Mr.Perfect but given a chance I’d still suck his dick

He never made marinated tortoise:D:D:D. @Kill The Buzz made that joke and you know how the village is.
Anyway, good morning Ice Pubes.

You guys are unforgiving, its sunday for heavens sake. Let the guy be

:D:D I was seriously trying to picture how he removed the tortoise shell and shit

anyway Good Evening Unicorn

THIIISSS! I’m gonna get a headache:D:D:D:D

You’re mistaken, @Purr_27 expressed undying love for him yesterday, @Female Perspective wants to tug his cock, @aviator is full of regret that his demise was premature… It’s all about forgiveness… @Gio those who matter have forgiven you…come back. All is forgiven.

she made him a Cupcake for heavens sake,[SIZE=1] I mean she offered him her cup cake :D[/SIZE]

@introvert the IDS would do with an illustration of tortoise shelling and shit


Rink tafasali :D:D:D:D:D. That’s why tree-holders walimchapa uppercuts na left hooks zingine kali kwa hio thread yake.