Alfajiri SACCO

Alfajiri SACCO now open. Kama umeamka sema present.
Lets go build our nation and do not be distracted by siasa duni. It doesnt add any value to your life. It doesnt put bread on your table at the end of the day. Lets live in peace and be our brother’s keeper,no matter what part of kenya you think you or they come from. Have a marvellous day


Present. Wise words.
watching NBA Finals Game 5 tho!

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Present, already tuned to kameme waiting for fundraising iaanze, naona ikifikisha over 10m juu ya political angle.


5.50 AM, present, on the way to the water institute

present,just had a morning glory

A thief has just been set ablaze at soko mjinga kisauni

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Morning all

morning…leo nimekaidi alarm…

Morning 10m kwani tuna nunua ndege. Lakini mama apewe bus na katoto kake (ka Fielder hivi)


Present sir, Mr. Sir!

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Present. @Atwoli kuja soma hii message.

Is this your idea of building the nation?

This too is building the nation, like literally?

Morning wanakijiji. Have a good day

si labda ameombea peace and stability. we depend on it…

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That’s praying for the nation, not building.

Worry about your part! We have our own way of building our nations!!!

Kurauka kuuza kuma is not part of national building…mungikiress wewe

What is it? Whichever way, it is better than kurauka mapema kwenda kuchoma gari za watu.