Alfajiri sacco

A piece of wisdom via Robert Muturi

Why are people blaming wsr for having a divided mt Kenya region?

DP wsr when forming a nusu mkate government with President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2012, he negotiated for a DP post and sharing of government on a 50/50 basis.

In 2017, I took a keen interest to study distribution of voters register by tribe numbers, kikuyus + meru + aembu + mbeere + kirinyaga have a total of 6.2 million voters, all karenjins are 2.3 million voters.

Imagine 6.2 million votes vs 2.3 million votes sharing the government on a 50/50 basis?

So what is my point?

WSR is an intelligent man and took his time to study kikuyus and saw an opportunity in their love for money. Most of the mt Kenya region leaders can sell their souls and family for money.

Should we blame DP wsr for utilizing this opportunity? I can do the same if I were DP. Imagine the 7bns that were lost in kimwarer and arrow dams are enough to give each mt Kenya region voter a ksh.1000 note and still have 800 millions to spare.

So, don’t expect wsr to negotiate his government with anyone in mt Kenya region, he only needs to buy mt Kenya region like mandazis, then negotiate with others.

That’s why we saw recently, wsr negotiating with wetangula and musalia mudavadi, weta + madvd only controls 2 western region counties, Bungoma (559,000 votes) and Vihiga (242,000 votes)

Don’t blame the DP wsr for being intelligent, blame your ATM elected leaders who are being given ksh.25,000 - 50,000 every weekend for an MP or women rep and ksh. 5,000 -10,000 for MCA.

Don’t crucify me for telling it as it is, don’t crucify DP wsr for using an available opportunity!!!