Alfajiri sacco

A beaut Friday y’all…
Wanaosafiri safari njema…

orchid - zygopetalum


Morning watu wa nguvu .

Morning guys.

Morning Sudomy

Morning people.
TGIF, hope you had a fruitful week.

gdmorn people,
blessed day to you all

who hurt you so early in the morning? can we be of help?

Kuna hii phrase watu husema ‘mark timing’. Eat dog balls if you ever said that. The correct phrase is ‘marking time’. Pisses me off every time.

Now, as you were.

Baridi cbd.

Guten Morgen…

Tea and coffee…


It’s nice being a pink handle, pseudonym posts ‘morning guys’…and folks here like it very much.
Ok, morning guys.

Toanisha mtu finje ya chai.

Kamata mtu afande.

@pamba is familiar with those phrases…

I was just returning the favour. You did the same to my post juzi. Now we even. Behave yourself going forward

Hehehe. You remember that? Most of the time I can remember someone said something on my thread but I usually can never recall who said it… Would work against me if I were the revengy type.

Kama ni furahi day na unajua umeoa…
Fab day villagers.

C’mon man, that’s just courtesy.

Just some morning mischief ma’am.