Alfajiri Sacco

Wake up. Sleeping is for babies and shepparts
Time stamp 4:16am

I yesterday got the honor and privilege of meeting a sixth ktalker…

Bodaboda iko stage.
Nangoja kastama.

A beaut day y’all…


Kuja ukanichukulie maziwa

Today we did not feature in your thoughts?

Trafficking in human breast milk is not illegal?

To all the real pink handles and the blue handles with feminine genes and characteristics.

Good day all

Good to see you’ve done yourself the honor before others could. Kudos.

:smiley: hapo kuna sweep imetembea

Contacts ziko wapi nikupe kazi ya Ku drop invoices and collect cheques in style using your 1000cc bike.:):slight_smile:

Mimi ni kauzi naiba hadi invoice.

Hehe ni donation sio for sale

Green laughing emoji.

Yellow teary laughing emoji