Alfajiri Sacco

Do something once and it is a mistake (or an act of ignorance), do it twice and it is a choice. If you live your life in pursuit of inner peace, it will flow outward and give you an opportunity to heal and be a healer if hurt in one way or the other. Time to put on your big boy pants and decide who you wish to be. You just get the one life. Make the best of it.

Blessed Day!


A beaut We’n’sday you all…


Blessed day to you too, and to all the kijiji.

A beautiful day indeed. Be blessed y’all.

You Avi got me laughing.:D:D:D…anyway, good day!

mauwa la leo


A fruit a day keeps the disease away.
Nature is so rich.
Have a fruitful day.

Morning talkers,

It’s another beautiful day .May the fortunes smile at you.

PS: can we deport Navy seal from the sacco? :smiley:


Nafikitia hii biz inaweza nawiri in shaggs. Kuna lots of idle land. I empower the guys with this idea waache kusumbua watu wa nairobi thinking tunakuwanga na pesa sana

Happy morning glory to you too

Good day all
Superhighway was wrong investment ! They should put flyover from nairobi to thika !

May the gods’ of fortune be kind to you too. Morning Wanakijiji.

have a wonderful day people

Go for it bro. If you know you can get a small piece of land you can develop, work on it. Watu wa mjini hawawezi survive bila watu kijinini.

Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo

Good day good people.

Siku njema talkers