Alfajiri Sacco

Nafungua kibanda kwa niaba ya ndugu Gashwin, ambaye nashuku amebishiwa mlango na malaika usiku wa kuamkia leo. Habari zenu sitaki kuzijua, najua niendako.


Ahsante kwa maombi.
Somaga threads kwanza:D.


Morning flower man ,niki kioru?

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Morning. Gutiri. In fact I am in very high spirits.

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Wapi flower?

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Pole sikuona vile Mjusi ako kwa ignore list yangu.


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Good day talkers.

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Nice day to all and in particular Mr. Breizh - Happy Birthday My Love!

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thank you baby,how thoughtful:):slight_smile:

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Twin of my husband? If so, HBD to you too - without the <addition “my love” :smiley:

:frowning: but why? Im your new village hosband (insert naija accent here)

What are you getting him?
I suck at this gifting thing… I need ideas :D:D

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Vodka.definitely vodka;):wink:

Hehehe…good stuff.
But I reserve such gifts for my good friends, we hit the bottle and paint the town red, then mumble about stupid hangovers the next day.


@pseudonym, no gifts, this man is perfectly happy;). We’ll eat out tonight in our favorite restaurant.:smiley:

That is sweet…
Well enjoy hun , and happy birthday to the Mister.

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