Alfajiri sacco

Osungu.dll, direct transleshen

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Didn’t know you knew the mother language:D:D. Have a good Friday.

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It’s not by our might nor our power that we are alive today but by your spirit oh Lord. We dedicate this day to you oh Lord. It our prayer this morning that you may direct our footsteps throughout the day, and as we move into the Weekend. Minster to our hearts Lord, We send confusion to the camps of the enemy against our lives, nation, marriages, and Peace in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Teach us to be givers and not beggars in Jesus name we pray and believe.

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Good Morning peeps.
I have an appointment with a shrink at 11am. Wish me well.

all the best

All will be well. Take heart.

I have been “shrinked”.
Niko poa sasa.