Alfajiri sacco - confused edition

Habari sienyu. Amkeni tujenge nchi…

Nguo zilianikwa friday bado ziko nje hazijakauka :frowning: lakini bado tunapenda mvua!

And this new site looks fugly on a phone!

Write your reply…
Nishaamka bana @admin mbona nikitaka kuanzisha conversation na mtu inaniambia niongeze two characters???
Ii ktalk version mpya si inafanya tukae amatures kwa net

Kuanzia Unatumia browser meffi

Waaah nitajaribu nitumie chrome basi.Nilikuwa natumia opera mini but hapa ni kama inanichenga

Morning friends. This site has gone to the mongrels

A beaut day y’all…


caledenia flava[ATTACH=full]161091[/ATTACH]

caledenia flava

Shikamooni nyote. Muwe na siku njema

Dear God,

We commit this working day to you.
May we engage with each task with faith and perseverance.
May we manage each situation with wisdom and value.
May we speak and serve with integrity and purpose.
Lord, we invite you to work within us today.


Have a blessed Day Ktalkers.

These new software is just not right @admin leta tutorials maybe that will help easy the troubles we have here.

Good morning. Good day. Hiyo radi ni ya?

This just shows how kenyans are ressistant to change

The desktop version is ok. Hii ya simu ndio shida

maua kya reo


morning all madmen.@Deorro admin hebu rudisha all threads button haraka kabla sijakufikia

Wewe ulirogwo na mkurogi akakufa.
Good day talkers ,cheer up you will get used to it with time.
I remember the hue and cry that was raised on twitter when they raised characters from 160 to 280.These days no one even notices.
Same thing is always noticed whenever a new upgrade of windows hits the market.

Lord, grant me tenacious winsome courage as I go through this day. When I am tempted to give up, help me to keep going. Grant me a cheerful spirit when things don’t go my way. And give me courage to do whatever needs to be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Have a blessed day Wanakijiji lets embrace the new software watu wa Kspot sisi hatuna shida mingi sana :cool::cool:

Hata heri wale wachinku warudi…

Otherwise gday fam!

Gracious heavenly Father, We thank You today for Your Word which fills Our hearts and mind with faith. We believe that You are good and that You are a rewarder. We choose to put our trust in You knowing that You have Our blessings in store . Lord, today We wake Up believing that You are working quietly on Our behalf. Give Us Your strength to continue believing until I see Your promises fulfilled in Our lives. For we pray and Belive.

Huyu mrembo anakaa depressed.